Nutrition and Acupuncture 


Nutritional Advice

Special attention will be paid to putting together a nutritional program to assist both you and your partner to prepare for a healthy pregnancy. This program will also involve vitamin and supplement advice.

Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbs have also shown to assist fertility and gynaecological issues since as early as 476 BC in China.  Your practitioner can prescribe a herbal formula that is precisely designed for your condition at any given time.  We supply herbs in pill form, granules and raw, which can then be cooked and prepared at home.  These herbs are highly effective in treating numerous disorders, including infertility and gynaecological issues.

Fertility Advice

When possible we prefer to see our patients conceive naturally.  Our practitioners will guide you through successful acupuncture treatment plans which have helped so many of our patients to have healthy babies.

We also offer a number of recommended acupuncture treatments via protocol programs used for IVF support both here and in the United States.  Our  practitioners are very experienced in this field (several are past IVF patients), so you are assured both a safe and comfortable treatment.

Recommended acupuncture treatments for IVF:

Treatment 1: Once or twice weekly acupuncture for 4-6 weeks prior to IVF medication.  (Increases blood supply to uterus and ovaries.  Also helps to develop healthy follicles and increase chances of implantations).  This procedure is the same prior to frozen embryo transfers).

Treatment 2: Once or twice weekly when needed during any phase of the IVF cycle to decrease side effects such as anxiety, moodiness, bloating, insomnia, fatigue, hot flushes, etc.

Treatment 3: Acupuncture after egg collection (helps body to recover after procedure and anesthesia).

Treatment 4: Acupuncture pre/post transfer.  (These protocol points are shown to increase chances of pregnancy by up to 65% – British Medical Journal, 2008).

Treatment 5: Acupuncture once weekly for first 12 weeks of pregnancy.  (Enhances circulation to uterus and strengthens the immune system).

Treatment 6: Acupuncture for sperm problems.  (Can improve sperm mobility and decrease number of abnormal sperm).

Treatment 7: Once weekly acupuncture from week 36 of pregnancy.  (Can help shorten labor time and turn baby if breach).


Men’s Health – All of our Doctor’s offer comprehensive Men’s Health Checks. This includes assessment of common problems such as your heart health, erectile dysfunction, prostate problems, sexual health and Mental health issues.

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Vaccinations – Routine childhood vaccinations are provided at our clinic and are all bulk billed. Please bring your Green Book or vaccination record to your appointment. We can also provide catch-up vaccinations for any childhood vaccinations that have been missed.

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Young Adult Health – We respect a person’s autonomy over one’s health and provide a confidential service to teenagers. The only need to share confidential information would be if a person’s health or life was at serious risk.

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