Intrauterine Contraceptive Device (IUD), Mirena, Insertion and Removal

At The Station, we provide Intrauterine Contraceptive Device (IUD), commonly known as Mirena, insertions and removals. These devices are long acting, reversible contraceptive coils that we can insert into your womb. IUDs provide a very effective method of contraceptive, can help manage heavy periods and can also be beneficial in menopause. Once inserted they can remain in situ for up to 5 years but they can be removed at any stage.

As this procedure requires a specific type of appointment with both the Doctor and Nurse present, we are unable to offer online bookings for IUD insertion/removal or any of our procedures. This is a limitation of the online booking system.

All procedures require an initial assessment consultation. The Mirena may not be inserted on the day of your initial assessment.

However you may book an initial consultation online or via telephone to discuss whether or not Mirena is suitable for you, discuss the procedure including risks involved,  organise some pre insertion tests including a pap test (if needed)  and provide you with a script for a Mirena. If you are not a regular patient of our clinic please bring your most recent pap test results to your initial consultation.

After this initial consultation and assessment our receptionist will help you book in your appointment ideally about day 4 to 5 of your period. If there is no appointment available around this time please contact us to discuss an alternative time.  Please ask at reception for the fees for this procedure.


Men’s Health – All of our Doctor’s offer comprehensive Men’s Health Checks. This includes assessment of common problems such as your heart health, erectile dysfunction, prostate problems, sexual health and Mental health issues.

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Vaccinations – Routine childhood vaccinations are provided at our clinic and are all bulk billed. Please bring your Green Book or vaccination record to your appointment. We can also provide catch-up vaccinations for any childhood vaccinations that have been missed.

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Young Adult Health – We respect a person’s autonomy over one’s health and provide a confidential service to teenagers. The only need to share confidential information would be if a person’s health or life was at serious risk.

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