Fees, Charges and Services


Consultation Fees

Our consultation fees are time based and you are only billed for time spent with the doctor. Please see table below for schedule of fees.

Fee Gap Rebate Concession Fee Concession Gap
<5 mins $40 $22.50 $17.50 $30 $12.50
5-14 minutes (Standard) $80 $41.80 $38.20 $70 $31.80
15-19 minutes $87 $48.80 $38.20 $77 $38.80
20-29 minutes (Long) $137 $63.50 $73.95 $127 $53.05
30-39 minutes $157 $83.05 $73.95 $147 $73.05
40-49 minutes (Extended) $210 $101.15 108.85 $200 $91.15

Monday to Friday (7pm – 8pm) and Saturday (9am – 1pm)

Fee Gap Rebate Concession Fee Concession Gap
<5 mins $52 $34.50 $17.50 $42 $24.50
5-14 minutes (Standard) $95 $56.80 $38.20 $85 $46.80
15-19 minutes $102 $63.80 $38.20 $92 $53.80
20-29 minutes (Long) $137 $63.50 $73.95 $127 $53.05
30-39 minutes $157 $83.05 $73.95 $147 $73.05
40-49 minutes (Extended) $210 $101.15 108.85 $200 $91.15

Monday to Friday after  8pm and Saturday after 1pm and Public Holidays

Fee Gap Rebate Concession Fee Concession Gap
<5 mins $60 $30.55 $29.45 $50 $20.55
5-14 minutes (Standard) $110 $60.20 $49.80 $100 $50.20
15-19 minutes $117 $67.20 $49.80 $107 $57.20
20-29 minutes (Long) $150 $64.70 $85.30 $140 $54.70
30-39 minutes $167 $81.70 $85.30 $157 $71.70
40-49 minutes (Extended) $220 $100.35 $119.65 $210 $90.35

Have you tried our easy online bookings? To make things more convenient in our busy lives we offer online bookings to patients to streamline your health experience with us.

Types of Consultations

Standard Consult

Standard appointments are booked at 15 minute intervals. In a standard consultation we can generally deal with one or two issues. If you have multiple or complex issues please book a long appointment.

Long Consultations

These consultations are beneficial if you have multiple or complex issues. They are also beneficial is you have for example a pap test but have another health issue you would like to discuss.

Health Checks

Health checks may vary from your standard yearly health checkup to a driving license medical. Please advise at reception as a Health Check requires a specific type of longer appointment.

Some people may be eligible for a bulk-billed Health Check:
>75 years old
Intellectual Disability
40-49 year olds at high risk of diabetes
45-49 year olds at risk of developing chronic disease

Mirena Insertions

We provide Mirena insertions at our clinic. This are long acting reversible contraceptive coils that we can insert into your womb. They provide a very effective method of contraceptive, help manage heavy periods and can also be beneficial in menopause. Once inserted they can remain in situ for up to 5 years but they can be removed at any stage.


You cannot use our online bookings for Mirena insertion or any of our procedures. This is because they require specific types of appointments with both the Doctor and nurse. All of our procedures also require an initial assessment consultation. The Mirena will not be inserted on the day of your initial assessment. 

However you may book an initial consultation online or via telephone to discuss whether or not Mirena is suitable for you, discuss the procedure including risks involved,  organise some pre insertion tests including a pap test (if needed)  and provide you with a script for mirena. If you are not a regular patient of our clinic please bring your most recent pap test results to your initial consultation.

After this initial consultation and assessment our receptionist will help you book in your appointment ideally about day 4 to 5 of your period. If there is no appointment available around this time please contact us to discuss an alternative time.  Please ask at reception for the fees for this procedure.


AGPAL Accredited

The Station on Tanti is AGPAL accredited – what does this mean?
Being accredited means that our general practice is committed to a comprehensive program which involves:

Engaging our whole practice team to review our practice’s systems and processes
Opening our practice doors to allow a team of independent surveyors to assess how our practice operates
Assessment of our practice, and achievement of the nationally recognised Royal
Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) Standards for general practices, that focus on health care quality and patient safety.
As a member of the community you may be surprised to learn that general practice accreditation is a voluntary process – which means not all practices undergo an independent on-site assessment on a regular basis.
Achievement of AGPAL accreditation reassures you that our doctors and practice team are committed to providing you with high quality health care in a safe environment.

Next time you visit our practice be sure to look out for the AGPAL Accredited General Practice Symbol or our accreditation certificate. Our practice team is proud of this achievement and as part of this process we continuously strive to make quality improvements to better your patient experience.

Mental Health Care Plan Fees

Mental Health Care Plans

Fee Gap Rebate Concession Fee Concession Gap
Standart consult $155 $63.95 $91.05 $145 $53.95
Long consult $198 $63.90 $134.10 $188 $53.90
Review consult $95 $23.30 $71.70 $85 $13.30
Chronic Disease Plans

Chronic disease management plans are bulk billed.

Iron Infusions

We provide iron infusions at our clinic.

If you have anaemia, low iron due to diet or by being have just had a baby an iron infusion may be suitable for you.

You will need an initial consult with the Doctor assessment of your symptoms including a blood test. Please book your initial consult online or with our receptionist.


Other Costs

Dressings will involves a separate additional out of pocket, non rebatable cost at the time of payment for your consultation. We have different costs depending on the type of dressing used. Please ask at reception for more details.

If you have had a hospital procedure and require dressings to be done at our clinic by our Doctor or nurse this will attract a non rebatable fee. This is because the fee paid to the Consultant for your procedure by Medicare included all your aftercare. As a results you are not able to claim any further rebates for your dressings. Our receptionist can provide you with a breakdown of fees.

TAC and Workcover

We do not bill Workcover or TAC direct for medical expenses.

These insurers do not cover the full cost of the service. You are billed directly as for other health problems and will need to seek reimbursement from your employer, Workcover or TAC. If there is dispute with the insurer, Medicare will provide a rebate.